Shodor Ghater Tiger 2020 [First On Net]

Storyline : Tiger, he is a worker in a shipbuilding workshop at Sadar Ghat. He prefers a prostitute named Lily.
One day he proposes marriage to Lily, showing her the dream of having a family. Lily agrees and goes to the hotel the next day to bring back all the money she has left.
But disaster struck that day, Lily’s last customer was the area commissioner and another influential party in the area killed him at the hotel that day. Because, there was a scandal of the commissioner with the wife of that influential man on the phone of that commissioner.
Lily somehow escapes on her own, but in the meantime Lily is looking for that influential man to kill, on the other hand the police are also looking for the wife of the murdered commissioner, because Lily is the only witness to this murder.
In the midst of searching from three sides, the love between Tiger and Lily becomes deeper.
But can Tiger and Lily find a new life with so many people around?
Director : Sumon Anowar
Cast : Shyamol Mawla,Farhana Hamid,Ahona Rahman
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