3-iron Korean Romantic Movie 2004 Download


This is the extraordinary poetic creation of Ki-duk Kim. The best romantic movie I’ve ever seen. The hero of the story who does not have homes or relatives. He puts posters in the locker of every door. Those who enter the house don’t tear or stay in the posters and the person who breaks the locker and spends the night in it. This is how it goes, one day, the hero of the story enters a house like he did before and he gets caught by the owner’s wife. It is seen that the owner’s wife and the man fled with him and they spent the night in each other’s house until they were caught. What happens to the man after he’s caught? What about the wife who escaped? To know, you’ll need to see this romantic movie of the beautiful music. You won’t find any dialogues between heroes and heroines throughout the movie. You’ll be the whole ‘th’ at the end of the movie. I promise you, i’ll have a good time.
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